Dismissal Tactics: ” You’re weird, strange, crazy, like a stalker….”

Let me start with an admission. I’ve been called all of these because I am all of these. In weak moments I even brand myself this way. By some standards, I’m batshit crazy.

But as fast as I can fess up to that, it still bugs me when I hear it. I quickly become convinced that you think you’re better and more “normal” than me. My next feeling is a desire to murder you gangster-flick style, and figure out how to dispose of the body( psst. This is called hy*per*bo*le, can’t really say I have the guts to kill a person, so no need to report me). Now it’s not like I’m getting naked, covering myself in gravy and running into reastaurants yelling “Where’s the Pork?!” Haven’t sexually assaulted anyone either. Stalking? Does that girl I called way too much when I was 14-15 count? Can I sometimes be a bit too emotional and hypersensitive? Only online. Do have stare at people(women) too much and have otherwise strange quirks? Could be. Do I ramble on about subtopics of my own posts? Damned straight!

My gripe with this is: Who the fuck are you, that you get to be the arbiter of normal/abnormal. I’m creepy?! Usually people who levy about this word are types of people who are scared of the fucking dustmites on their keyboards, or homebody type broads who sit in their one bedroom apartments, watching lifetime movies, and drinking pinot-whatever,while rubbing their cats(pet and body part) to the idea that someone who’s even stranger than them gives enough of a fuck about them to fullfil their stalker movie fantasies. I’m crazy?! You snob fuck kunt(male or female) what makes you so fucking sane? Trust me, you’ve had a moment where you got more emotional than you should have. At least once you’ve wigged out on someone, something, yourself, or otherwise. Besides, too many people dismissed as “crazy” have achieved more in the past week, than you’ll ever achieve in 10 lifetimes.

Boy this blogging thing is great, I can say whatever the fuck I want to say(including the word fuck). Don’t worry folks I’ll clean up my language as I mature in this art form, and the newness wears off


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