Kill Whitey!!!

This is my knee-jerk, irrational, emotional response to reading SBPDL, stormfrfont, unamuasement park, Steve Sailer, VDare, and all others of that ilk. Is this the true heart of White People? Is this what Abagond is thinking when he writes articles about the hearts of white people? It tells me that “good” white people are simply good liars. It tells me that they’re all just full of it. As fast I see one white person show kindness and speak in defense of blacks, I see three dismiss us a burden. Even the kindness is merely sympathy and white guilt as far as I see. They only see us morons, rapists,and criminals. I would rather go back to Africa with 10 million of the smartest, and most talented blacks and build a worthwhile black nation, but we all know that our best economic prospects are here in this country that hates us. History has proven that the only fate of blacks and whites together is dominance and oppression, with blacks on the bottom. At best, we’re treated as their little brothers; 500 years behind. At worst we’re slaves, second class citizens, or in some cases, housepets, zoo animals and sideshow freaks. Those are the general categories by which they view us; but never as equals, or as truly great. Our only solution; our only chance to grow, and to rule, is to kill all whites, most yellows, some browns, and anyone else who sees us as inferior or less intelligent. Am I insane? Likely, but I can’t find hope or a more viable path toward black power. If you have a better idea, let’s hear it.

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3 thoughts on “Kill Whitey!!!

  1. You’re not insane. You just live in a world that prospers from insanity, and the name of that insanity is white supremacy.

    I feel what you’re saying, but you are bold enough to say it outright. This realm of whiteness can’t possibly last forever. When it falls, and if I’m still alive to see it, I will celebrate.

  2. “I would rather go back to Africa…”

    Do so.

  3. Not every day I get a white racist to grace my presence, you must have a bit of downtime in the middle of spewing your anti black garbage, thanks for the comment.

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