A premise from which I(we) reason

A lot is made of what is called “reverse racism.” Farakhan, Paul Mooney, Jeremiah Wright, and a list of others have all been branded as reverse racists. To many whites, these guys are hateful, anti-white racist pricks. To blacks, they’re, stalwarts of black indepence, clever social commentators,  bringers of spiritual light to a dark world, or at worst, no big deal really. When the initial OJ Simpson verdict first came down, it was a moment of catharsis for many blacks. To many whites it was a fundamental failure of the American legal system. So why the divide in how we judge people and events? Well I can’t answer for all blacks, but I can answer for myself, and I’m confident many blacks will agree with me. It all boils down to this (very believable) premise: We’re innocent victims or white aggression and oppression. I’m not going to attempt to argue the truth value of the premise. I’m simply not qualified for that. When you start with that as your premise, then we can justify a long list of things. It’s the stock baseline for much of black thinking. So when a black man rapes a white woman, she probably had it coming. When black comedians and religious leaders spend hours bad-mouthing white people, they’re just telling it like it is. When a black person murders or robs a white person, just think about those grainy black and white videos of the civil rights movement. We’re not attacking you, we’re taking retribution. We’re not robbing you, we’re taking what we’re owed. Welfare, affirmative action: you owe me anyway, fuck you!!
     I admit, this is not a very rational way of thinking. It’s definitely not a mature way of thinking. The results of such thinking, I believe will ultimately be catastrophic. It’s not the most well thought out premise, but it’s the culmination of black rage. It’s the go-to thinking when you can’t understand why your white counterpart is almost always doing better in life than you. It’s why many of us are so sensitive to race based criticism. It’s why even educated and decent hard working blacks would rather look for a way to justufy sinister behavior among blacks than to sit and agree with white criticism from non-blacks.

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