My first time being banned

Well, I was banned by . Kinda feels different really. Hopefully this will be a rare incidence in which I feel the need to thank a person who scorned me. But thankyou Robert Lindsay, this is akin to when your parents kick you out when you reach adulthood. You now have to fend for yourself, make your own decisions, and suffer the consequences of said decisions. Sink or swim. It’s kind of empowering really. When you finally make it, you can look back and say, “fuck you, and the shoe you kicked me with.”

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5 thoughts on “My first time being banned

  1. Lindsey banned you? You probably hurt a black man’s feelings, huh? Racist.

  2. not really sure if you’re just trolling me or not, but I’ll pretend you’re not. On the last Lindsay post you commented on, I was the offended black person. That comment itself was the straw that broke the camels back for Robert. My thing is this, you could fill up a library(or a website) talking about the flaws and deficiencies of blacks, and dismissing us from the intellectual community. This is what SPBDL (and I suspect your website in parody form) is doing. This isn’t really helpful because it only puts hard working intelligent blacks on the defensive, and “regular” blacks don’t give a shit anyway. I don’t have a solution, but the amount blogspace used on picking apart blacks makes absolutely nothing better.

  3. Why would he make a whole post of you, and then ban you? What did you do to that honkey? I wouldn’t ban you, even if you do think I’m a parodyke or whatever.

  4. Oh, and one other thing, I resent your troll insinuation. Looks like your blog is new, and maybe you haven’t done this before, but bloggers consider it a courtesy to repay traffic with traffic. You took the time to read my blog and comment, so I returned the favor. If I’m not welcome, godspeed on your new blogging endeavor. I’ll take my pairodice and leave.

    • I got no beef with your free speech, it’ll take a bit more than that for me to ban a person comment here all you want, traffic is welcome, even if it’s suspect

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